In this theme, the individual is in focus: a feeling of health and being in inner balance is paramount. Emotional harmony is essential to our well-being, and we are attentive to mental health in our everyday life.

We want to prioritise self-indulgence and enjoyment to a greater extent. Mental well-being is the driving force of this theme.

The feeling of luxury is accentuated by the gorgeous details of the products, the soft tactile fabrics and a colour palette that is more intense but still harmonious. Product design must appeal to all our senses and emphasize different moods.

We strive for calm, stimulating and energy-charging spaces and a feminine touch in the interior design. This is achieved with delicate “make-up” colours and the brand-new burnt and desert inspired tones. But it is also about seeing the home in a soft perspective, highlighting beauty with the help of beautiful floral prints or soft organic shapes. Water reflects light and provides inspiration for patterns and products, for ripples and undulating shapes.

The art of combining a refined look with more raw and unpolished effects helps create a delicate and lightly understated elegance that is fresh and new.

Perfect harmony and an almost meditative energy create a personal oasis where you can recharge and be filled with well-being.

Main colours: nude, powder, terracotta, plum, ash, lavender
Accent colours: off-white, golden sand, deep green

In stores from: 15/01/19