In this theme, community is in focus: a sense of belonging, connecting with others and cultivating what we have in common.

The dream of rural life in a modern setting is the inspiration for a simpler and more down-to-earth way of living.

Good quality basics are sought after. We want quality over quantity in all aspects of life. The “buy less but better” principle is a new approach to consumption that is truly gaining stride. Sustainability and a responsible mindset in relation to nature go hand-in-hand with value-based design and supporting what’s local.

The focus is on products that have a longer design life. Classic checks and motifs inspired by nature create a laidback minimalism and utterly simple aesthetic. Wild flowers are important and complement monochrome designs as accents. The cosiness, warmth and comforts of the home are enjoyed by all and are the very essence of In Common.

Respect for good craftsmanship goes hand-in-hand with the desire to do things yourself. M-I-Y (Make it yourself) is a trend that is flourishing, particularly in and around the kitchen, where baking and the pickling, fermenting and growing of vegetables in the garden and greenhouse are emerging trends.

Outdoor life provides the framework for the community and good experiences with family and friends, we prepare food and eat in the woods, on the beach or in the park. As a trend, “the great outdoors” continues to grow and we are bringing nature into the most urban of settings.

Main colours: linen blue, grey, pine green, deep green, sky blue and indigo blue.
Accent colours: terracotta, powder, nude, golden, golden sand, grey, ash

In stores from: 01/12/18