In this theme, creativity is in focus. Expressing yourself and revealing your personal style are important prerequisites for feeling unique. We want to stand out in a positive way and put our own individual mark on the way we style our living spaces.

Art, personal elements and playful details fill our homes, and a bold and creative mix of patterns and colours emerges. Nostalgic retro inspiration with references to the 50s and the pastel-coloured suburbs of the 70s - in a new, fresh and modern interpretation.

All of our choices, from where we work to what we buy, are made on the basis of our ideals. “Play mode” is becoming increasingly important, and it influences the desire for more conscious and inspiring interior design.

The many creative “hacks” on existing products arise from creativity and the desire to personalise mass-produced design that does not meet the requirements of our individual styles. Interior design brims with energy, powerful statements and a maximalist vibe, yet doesn’t feel intrusive or opulent thanks to the delicate and toned-down pastels.

A delicate pastel colour blocking effect is achieved with monochrome products mixed with graphically minimal patterns and artistic, abstract floral motifs.

It is the contrasts and the subtle details that really set the tone.

Main colours: linen blue, sky blue, mint, lavender, grey, nude, golden sand
Accent colours: cobalt blue, indigo, teal, rose, yellow

In stores from: 15/02/19